Welcome to Home Brewed Events!

We're beer-based education event planners.
We'd like to teach you how to brew your own beer, and we think you'd like that too.
By offering homebrewing classes, beer tasting classes, food pairings and more in your home, office or event space. Contact Us Today!

Brew Better…

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to brew great beer at home. It might not even help. Let the Home Brewed Events team teach you how.

Taste Better…

Learn from Certified Cicerone's (that's the beer sommelier) using professional judging tools. It's just as important to learn why you like a flavor as it is to find the flavors you enjoy.

Know Better…

Our company believes in the adage that knowledge is power. So become the ubermensch (or fraulein) you know you can be: learn how to brew.