Corporate Packages

Home Brewed Events brings their knowledge of craft beer brewing and local libations to your business! Looking for a unique team building experience with brewing, learning, tasting and enlightenment? We will teach you how to brew, give you a beer or spirits history lesson, tutor you on the proper tasting methods or tell you all about the libations you are enjoying at your next corporate event.

Team Building Brew Day

In the Team Building Brew Day, Home Brewed Events will teach you in the ways of homebrewing at your very own office or offsite location. Your team will learn about the history of beer and brewing, the ingredients, the equipment and general beer trivia. While these topics are discussed, the class will work together to brew a batch of beer so you can get hands on experience.

Packages starting at $55 a person.

Tutored Tastings

Ever wonder what the difference is between an IPA and a Bock? A Bourbon and a Rye? What the heck is a cask? Why all Gins don’t taste the same? Tutored Tastings focuses on a very broad background of the main ingredients of beer and spirits, followed by a more detailed discussion. This class will include samples and take aways and can be tailored to your tastes.

Packages starting at $55 a person.

Head to Head Brew Day

Take your team building to the next level with the Head to Head Brew Day. Work in two teams to build an award winning beer recipe and brew the beer together. The class will include equipment, ingredients and instruction for both teams.

Packages starting at $75 a person.

Event Tasting
& Food Pairing

Hosting an event and looking to include a craft beer tasting station? Home Brewed Events can talk to guests and go a little deeper about the craft beer offerings available that night.
Would you like your event to be catered? Home Brewed Events will work with you to create a tasting menu to go with whatever brew you will have at the event, or if you choose to go with our tasting class, we will craft a menu to pair along with it.

Package starts at $50 a person.

Anniversary Celebration Beer

Home Brewed Events will work with you to craft a beer that can be enjoyed at your company anniversary and other important milestones. This unique opportunity provides an ongoing memory for you and your business.

Package is customized and price is available upon request.

Bar Coordination

Home Brewed Events can provide you with custom creative bar and beverage catering focused on local beer, wine and spirits for every event.


  • Beer & Wine only bar curated for you and your guests’ taste.
  • Add on: Signature Cocktail.
  • Full premium bar curated for you and your guest’s taste, including a signature cocktail.

“If you consider yourself a beer connoisseur, or even if you just like beer and want to learn more about it, then we highly recommend you book a class with Home Brewed Events. They were accommodating, friendly, and incredibly well versed in the art of making beer. They came to us to teach the class on Garrett’s birthday, and even offered to come back and help anyone who wanted to make homebrew on their own. In our book, they’re golden!”

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